Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stop Animal Abuse In Malaysia : Online Petition

Stop Animal Abuse In Malaysia : Online Petition: "Sign the online petition to stop animal abuse and cruelty in Malaysia with tougher legislations, stricter enforcement and active prosecutions. Together, we can make a difference."

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It was the West, then Japan and now China...where next?

Just a thought…

You know how back in the days where everyone here is looking to the west, seeing it as the ultimate destination for everything – business, vacation, culture etc. And we silly Asians started adapting the weirdest things like fur coat in Asia (what the hell for?) and cowboy themed parties and everyone go Goo Goo Gaa Gaa about boot cut jeans and walking around with a boom box on their shoulder...

Then Asia boomed with Japan leading it with state of the art technology.  And then suddenly it is okay to dress in neon colors and the skimpier the sexier… They even made Anime Convention sexy!

The whole world embraced it. Top trading around the world includes Japanese cars and parts, Sony!, Japanese Anime and not to forget porn… You even see bits and pieces of Japanese pop culture here and there around the world….which bring me to this question.

Today, with the fall of Europe and The States just surviving after its crisis…. All eyes are on the hardly have eyes people – China!

Do you think the world will embrace China’s culture like how they did Japanese? They are the most typical man on earth portrayed by Nat Geo (Video is linked to image)

Imagine this. People across the globe glued to TV watching what USED to be American Idol and vote for something like this….

Not so much isn’t it? Now, here’s another food for thought….

In a decade or two, India will be taking the lead. How do you think it will pan out then? Personally, I think it’s too soon for me to judge but there’s a very nice video put up on Youtube call ‘Indian in 90sec’(Video is linked to image)

Excited about the future yet? 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Speaking up on behalf of the barks and meows

Blog....such wonderful dying trend! But who the hell cares. Personal blogs kan untuk diri sendiri. =p

I just wanna say something about what has been happening here in Malaysia recently...and it is something particularly close to me. Animal abuse has been on the rise these days. It all started with the horrid video of the poodle who are beaten up because she can't stand on her hind legs for long... that sparked a nationwide hunt for this girl where everyone know by name and her 'boyfriend'. No, despite the outrage and countless hate pages on FB, they fail to locate the girl and the unidentified male in the video and like everything else, the news just went under the radar.

But that didn't stop there. Not too long after this video surfaced on almost all social networking sites - Tomboy killing kitten for shear joy/pleasure. In this case, the somehow manage to get the girl, or rather she surrendered to the police station wetting her panties claiming harassment.

That made it to front page news. Headline reads "Tomboy girl was stressed with parent's divorce" Gosh, can anyone be lamer. 3 things crossed my mind;

#1 No you will not be forgiven just because you came forward
#2 Why on earth do you have to blame it on your parents if you can't bloody handle stress. I bet your parents didn't teach you to de-stress by torturing animals do they?
#3 Oh Lord, she only need to pay RM100 for that crime??

That is like 1/3 of a speeding ticket! So if I am stress or I am some kind of sicko who wants to experience 'killing' all I have to do is - just do it and pay RM200 max? I might as well make a business out of it then? It is a niche market after all isn't it? Seriously, someone HAS to do something about the laws here. The serious ones get away with minimal fine and the less serious one has to go for months of religious school? You kidding me? Here's another thing for you to digest - if you abuse or accidentally killed a cat - you get a RM200 fine, but if it is a dog, you get a RM100 fine. How fair is that? And to think which multiply faster?

Here's a quote from Datuk Haji Mohd Radzuan Malik statement;
"What is perceived to be cruel in the eyes of the public is not necessary so in the eyes of the law"

This is just one of the many examples of the rather imbalance country we live in.
BOTTOM LINE is.....the country just need to get their priorities right!

And the politicians keep wondering why the dropout rates of graduates working within the country is so high. Maybe because although under the radar, discrimination/bias is still apparent and some long battled rights are still not justified? Ever thought about it?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The much anticipated....long awaited one!

Yes Yes! I know…After a long thought I think it is more feasible (if I want to keep this blog alive) if I just use it as a platform to share, bitch and comment about random things rather than blogging-blogging per se (crowd in the head goes YAY!)

Now, I know I have been blogging about Gaga recently but hey, good thing is I am not really bitching about her. I even have a confession! I listen to her sometimes when I jog. I admit I do love her songs. Perhaps she might have incorporated some voodoo charm into her lyrics or music because every time there is a new singles from her, the tune seem to be stuck in my head for a while…

I was reading about how the music video industry has been slowing down and the quality of music videos are getting bad to worst due to budget constraints mainly because labels are cutting cost on MVs and allocating almost all of its budget on live tours instead which is understandable. Piracy is on the highs and people in general do not watch MVs like how they used to anymore. Even searching for the original one online can prove to be quite a task because video hosting sites are filled with cover versions and spoofs. Having your original MV listed on top can be very pricey as well….

If you turn back time, a decade of so…it was a completely different scene from today. Fans wait anxiously for their idol’s MV and spread them like wildfire.

My point is… It’s not true anymore! Thanks to Lady Gaga. Today, waiting for Lady Gaga’s next music video is like waiting for a block buster movie to release. Bigger than Inception’s anticipation really. Lady Gaga never fail to impress the audience with her rather twisted antics (which is what everyone fell for in the first place) and she always escalate it further and further. I bet you have seen the latest MV from her, or should I say a blockbuster in the MV world…

She has gotten so big, even big brands like MAC is willing to change the tone and manner of the brand and put in a gist of Gaga in their latest commercial…

Maybe all the celebrity endorsed commercials are meant to be twisted…or is it just me?

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Death of Blogging, The Rise of Social Network

It’s kinda sad how blogging is dying these days. Funny – it used to be soo big back in college. That wasn’t too long ago (or so I would like to think) But we all know who to thank for the dying tradition of blogging. No, I am not talking about category blogs – but more of the original idea of a blog. The ultimate online diary. The one platform you trash your heart out about anything and everything. The one place where you share your pictures and brag or drag.

Oh yes. The people to thank for the death of blogging are Evan Williams and Mark Zuckerberg – founder of Twitter and Facebook.

The birth (and ever growing) of Twitter and Facebook, and the many many other social network out there now, has changed the way people express themselves really. What used to be private is now public. What used to be proper and long is now short and to a certain extend - too direct.

Don't bother sending postcards - just tag your friends in your holiday pictures.  
What? A divorce? Build a case with his/her Facebook contents.
Want to know your customer better? Forget about superficial overcharging research agencies – just scan through their social media sites and see what are their likes and dislikes.

Now as marketers, how do you leverage and make full use of this free service? Here’s 2 awesome case studies that won big time in Cannes this year. Watch and learn!

Case Study #1
Twelpforce by Best Buy

Case Study #2

Ikea Launch @ Facebook

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The incite life

Words that are in play today…

Not exactly needed nor good-to-have-around

Nope. Not exactly sugar coated but I suppose as life goes on, people move on too. But it kinda sadden me to see that out of few hundred ‘friends’ in my Facebook Friend list – only a quarter or so you interact with today.


Anyhoo...The past few weeks, work has been craaziieee! and there were some extended family drama which I am not suppose to disclose here but some might already know *Shhh* :p

Me being busy and all kinda rope me off my social life. Sad to say, I don’t have much of a social life anymore. I suppose after saying NO a little too many times, people just give up calling or assume you’re busy. Yes, I have demoted to the bottom rank of the social chain. I don’t even hang out at Putrajaya anymore with my hommies, the drinking session has came down to almost zero…I think Jon is facing the same thing too. That poor boy over work la…

Sometimes there are soo many things that I want to blog about, but when it comes to penning it down - I just get constipated. But....

I am angry and frustrated. 
I hate seeing others being taken advantage of. 
I don't like it when people say one and do the other. 
Whatever happen to honestly. 
I hate it when people do not greet back. 
I don't like it when people do not listen. 

I miss the one person that knows knows exactly what to say or do at situation like this...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Life sung out loud~

I think I probably should put a template to each of my post by now - always start by apologizing for not blogging. I know I have not been keeping my promise but I am making an effort. There are many things that I want to blog about but just haven’t got around to do it..

Life has been a roller coaster since my last post. I suppose my life has become boring in a way. Its either age is keeping up or I’m just loosing the jest in life!

But since I’ve been blogging about nothing but music of late, I might as well post acoppa songs that kinda “sings” what has been happening in my life recently…


Ok, not exactly word by word, but the first few lines says a lot :)

I am definitely loving this...